Our products which serve to ship-building, pulp, automotive and textile industries; consist of red bronze, tin bronze, aluminum bronze, phosphorus bronze, manganese bronze and special alloy bronze.

Bronze Casting

Casting of bronze products are made in a production line with 100 tons capacity per month; with smooth surfaces and homogeneous form, provided with physical & chemical analysis.

Valves, pumps, propellers, motor valve parts, fittings …


Centrifugal Bronze Castings

Centrifugal bronze castings are made in solid form between 15-300 mm; and pipe form between 35-300 mm. Centrifugal casting method is 25% more efficient compared to sand casting and it increases service life of mechanism & decrease maintenance costs to minimum.

Housings, seats, gears that run under weight & speed …


Brass Rods

In our facilities with 1500 tons capacity per month; brass rods are produced between 10-80 mm, as round, hexagonal, square and metal sheet in form of calibrated & forged products, complying with TS, BS, DIN, JIS ASTM, Besides low pressure brass ingot & chock products are in production as well.
Water armatures …